Thursday, 10 February 2011

Target Audience

To be able to create my magazine, it has to be aimed at a specific audience. For the type of magazine I wish to create, my target audience is of both males and females between the ages of 14 and 30. Many factors in the magazine contribute to this such as: content, layout and style.

Character Profile:

- I imagine someone who buys an indie/rock magazine to be a bit individual.

- They're favourite type of music will be of this genre.

- I don't imagine them to like dance/pop/r&b music.

- When thinking of an individual that would buy a rock magazine, I imagine them to have a completely different dress sense than that of someone who buys a pop magazine. I think the way people dress is in some way reflected in what magazines they prefer to read. If they prefer to dress in darker clothing, I think they are more likely to go for a magazine with a darker colour scheme. As many of the bands/artists featured in these magazine are generalised as goths and are typically seen wearing black, my audience would tend to wear dress like their 'idols.'

- However there are those who buy these magazines who don't follow these trends. Also, those who are at the higher end of the age range, will most probably dress completely different and act different to the teenagers. I will have to take this all into consideration.

- These are stereotypical images of people you would imagine to buy this type of magazine.

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