Thursday, 10 February 2011

My Music Magazine

Style Models:

For my music magazine, I have chosen the genre 'indie/rock.' I quite often buy magazines of this type and I feel like I would be able to create a magazine similar to these. I have chosen two magazines as my style models. These magazines are very well known and are stereotypically known for some main features. NME is an indie magazine. Quite often the colour scheme is very bright and garish. I have specifically picked this edition of the magazine because of the minimalistic colour scheme. I particulalry like how the main colours used are black and white, and the accent colour comes from the models hair. This in my opinion is very effective and a clever way to introduce a new colour to the cover. The bold title of the magazine at the top is easy to spot. I like how the main headline and the subheadings can be distinguished from one another due to the font and text size used.

The edition of Kerrang I have chosen is fairly similar to the edition of NME in the way that the colour schemes are very similar. This front cover is busier than the first as there is a lot more image content. I think that both examples are successfull. Some people prefer to look at more on the cover but some find one image enough of a selling point. In order to only use one image, it would need to be a photo of excellent quality.
My Rivals!
My rivals would be Kerrang and NME as these are the most successful magazines in this area.

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