Sunday, 19 February 2012

Roles and Responsibilities

To assure that everyone has an equal role within the group, we decided to allocate different jobs and roles between us as this would give everyone a chance to focus on their individual role/roles and have an equal input into what ideas they've come up. Although roles have been split evenly we have decided to work together in the editing process as we think it would be more effective if everyone in the group shared their opinion on what they think looks best and as it’s a vital part of the project.
- Hazel has taken the role of creating the storyboard and is an actress.
- Amy's roles are to focus on the filming and are also in charge of the make-up and costume.
- My roles are being one of the actresses within the horror trailer and I am overseeing most of the editing aspect.
- Natalie is taking charge of filming and props and making sure the trailer continunity throughtout.

Storyboard - Horror Trailer