Thursday, 13 January 2011

Preliminary Project - School magazine

For the first part of the project we have been instructed to design a front cover for the school magazine. We have looked at the particular conventions of a front cover and a contents page.

Conventions of a front cover

- large image, usually covering most of the page
- magazine title
- subheadings
- adverts/promotions
- barcode
- price
- date
- website
- good colour scheme
- good layout

Conventions of a contents page

- subheadings
- page numbers
- images
- good colour scheme
- good layout

It must look appealing, authentic and original!

Today we took photos in groups of pictures that could be used for the magazine. We wandered around school and took various photos in different locations, that could be used on both the front cover and the contents page. We made sure the photos were of the highest quality to ensure a professional look to the magazine.