Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Ancillary Tasks - Audience Feedback

Final Magazine Cover and Poster

Production Companies

As a group we needed to decide on which company would be producing our film. The choice was between:

Columbia Pictures Industries

Paramount Pictures Corporation

20th Centuary Fox

New Line Cinema

Spyglass Entertainment

Sony Pictures Entertainment

With our group wanting our film/trailer to have a feel of "Paranormal Activity" to it, we decided to use Paramount Pictures as our production company.

Process of Creating Ancillary Tasks

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Flat Plans of Ancillary Tasks


Magazine Cover

These are flat plan designs of how I anticipate my ancillary tasks to look like.

Analysis of Horror Trailers

There are many differences between the two trailers featured above:

Orphan: What makes this trailer particularly effective is the snippets of text that appear every so often throughout the trailer. These pieces of text are phrases picked from the actual movie. The phrases used have been cleverly selected to entice the audience to go see the film. What is also effective is how at the beginning of the trailer, it isn't immediate that it is a horror trailer. As the trailer progresses, the audience then become aware of the genre. This ties in with the plot of the film, as the family don't know their adopted daughter is unsafe. The pace of the trailer is very quite, with very few shots lasting longer than 4 seconds. The girl featured in the trailer is nearly always wearing black; a dark and gloomy colour, which is conventional of a horror trailer.

Paranormal Activity 3: What I like about this trailer is the personal feel. Lots of the shots are handheld to fit in with the theme of a home video. I particularly like the jerkiness between each shot, as it makes the audience feel a little un-nerved. The jerky movements connotate danger and lack of control. Many of the shots this time however are longer than 5 seconds, again fitting in with the filming style. This trailer is fairly simplistic. If it were any more detailed and complex it would lose it's effectiveness. The use of female children in the trailer gives an added sense of vulnerability as opposed to adults featuring.

Character Profiles

Our target audience is aimed at both males and females between the ages of 18 and 25. Character Profiles are an excellent way of invisaging what their interests are.

Becky Robson

Becky, aged 18 is a prospective student who wants to study journalism at University. After University she would like to travel around parts parts of North and South America, documenting her journey as she went. She hopes that this trip could lead to job opportunities elsewhere in the world.
Becky is a fairly outgoing person, and spends most of her free time socialising with friends, whether it be going shopping or going to the cinema, which she enjoys a lot. When she spends time in her apartement she mostly watches television. She enjoys programmes such as CSI and NCIS along with comedy and reality programmes. Due to her living by herself, Becky is a very responsible individual who does weekly food shops at her local supermarket, as she doesn't have a lot of spare money.

Liam Metcalfe

Liam a builder, aged 18 is currently working with a local builders company. Having left school at 16 he has been working there full time to earn a living. However he didn't drop out of school due to poor grades, he just didn't want to carry on with more education. Liam loves listening to music, especially that which fits in to the punk/rock genre with the ocassional dance tune. Liam has a large group of friends that love to go out at weekends to watch football and drink, which he often joins in with. He rarely goes to the cinema, but watches films on his television at home, usually action/adventure of horror films. He much prefers to play on his xbox. He still lives at home with his parents however, so rarely does any household shopping. His parents do a food shop at Marks & Spencers and Waitrose every other week, therefore Liam doesn't have to worry about shopping.

Types of Research and Questionnaire Results

There are two types of research:
- Primary Research - reseach done by me for example questionnaires and interviews. I am making the questions and asking them myself.
- Secondary Reseach - Analysis on articles and trailers. The evidence is already there, I am just analysing it.

To help with our research, our group made questionnaires to give to others our age to find out what they like/dislike about horror trailers, horror posters and horror magazines. Here are the two questionnaires we handed out with a range of outcomes presented in pie charts.

I have chosen to analyse the most significant results that relate specifically to the projects.

Main Task - Horror Trailer

Our group have decided to make a Horror Trailer. As a group we need to discuss and decide on many apsects related to the project.
- scenario of plot
- questionnaires
- analyse professional horror trailers
- roles and responsibilities
- assess horror trailers from previous years
We will need to research what the public like and dislike to give us an insight to what our trailer should include.

A2 - Video Production

This year our aim is to produce a video;
- horror trailer
- music video

along with two ancillary tasks to support your video
- magazine front cover and poster (horror trailer)
- digi pack and advertisement (music video)

To help us develop our skills in producing a video, we took part in a prelimanary task.
Our teacher gave us a basic scenario so we had a starting point for our short film. Our film was to be based on a chase. From that we could decide on the plot.
In our group we had to decide on roles for each of us. My role wad to film. We all contributed ideas on locations in which we could film in and costumes the characters could wear.
During the period of making our film, we learnt how to use digital technology in a more professional manner for example, using the camera in different ways (handheld or on a tripod)
Once all our footage was filmed, we edited it all together on iMovie. We all had input onto how the final outcome would look.
We found making a preliminary project very rewarding.
This our film that we made and a presentation to explain our thought processes.