Sunday, 23 October 2011

Character Profiles

Our target audience is aimed at both males and females between the ages of 18 and 25. Character Profiles are an excellent way of invisaging what their interests are.

Becky Robson

Becky, aged 18 is a prospective student who wants to study journalism at University. After University she would like to travel around parts parts of North and South America, documenting her journey as she went. She hopes that this trip could lead to job opportunities elsewhere in the world.
Becky is a fairly outgoing person, and spends most of her free time socialising with friends, whether it be going shopping or going to the cinema, which she enjoys a lot. When she spends time in her apartement she mostly watches television. She enjoys programmes such as CSI and NCIS along with comedy and reality programmes. Due to her living by herself, Becky is a very responsible individual who does weekly food shops at her local supermarket, as she doesn't have a lot of spare money.

Liam Metcalfe

Liam a builder, aged 18 is currently working with a local builders company. Having left school at 16 he has been working there full time to earn a living. However he didn't drop out of school due to poor grades, he just didn't want to carry on with more education. Liam loves listening to music, especially that which fits in to the punk/rock genre with the ocassional dance tune. Liam has a large group of friends that love to go out at weekends to watch football and drink, which he often joins in with. He rarely goes to the cinema, but watches films on his television at home, usually action/adventure of horror films. He much prefers to play on his xbox. He still lives at home with his parents however, so rarely does any household shopping. His parents do a food shop at Marks & Spencers and Waitrose every other week, therefore Liam doesn't have to worry about shopping.

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