Sunday, 23 October 2011

A2 - Video Production

This year our aim is to produce a video;
- horror trailer
- music video

along with two ancillary tasks to support your video
- magazine front cover and poster (horror trailer)
- digi pack and advertisement (music video)

To help us develop our skills in producing a video, we took part in a prelimanary task.
Our teacher gave us a basic scenario so we had a starting point for our short film. Our film was to be based on a chase. From that we could decide on the plot.
In our group we had to decide on roles for each of us. My role wad to film. We all contributed ideas on locations in which we could film in and costumes the characters could wear.
During the period of making our film, we learnt how to use digital technology in a more professional manner for example, using the camera in different ways (handheld or on a tripod)
Once all our footage was filmed, we edited it all together on iMovie. We all had input onto how the final outcome would look.
We found making a preliminary project very rewarding.
This our film that we made and a presentation to explain our thought processes.

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