Monday, 14 February 2011

Flat Plan Designs

This is how I imagine my front cover, contents page and feature article to roughly look like. On all of my plans, I have stated where text and image will appear. Throughout the process of making my magazine, aspects will differ, therefore these plans are not set in stone.

Front Cover:

I want a medium close up shot of my model for my front page. I believe this type of shot is more engaging for the audience. I plan to have the image overlapping the title of the magazine. This is a trait I picked up on during my research. "Cover lines" or "hooks" will be placed around the main image, just to add a bit more to the page. It isn’t always the main story that sells the magazine. Sub stories also contribute. The headline for the main story is placed at the bottom, which will cover the model's neck. Placing it here will allow the text to be larger and bolder making it stand out more. Typical conventions such as the bar code, website, price and issue will be placed in either the bottom right or left hand corner.

Contents Page:

I have decided on a fairly simple layout. A large column of text is positioned on the left hand side of the pagel, however it will be split up into categories therefore splitting the text up. An image linked to the one on my front page will appear on my contents page at the very top. Several other images will be dotted around the page to advertise several other stories. A letter from the editor is placed in the bottom right hand corner. I do expect my contents page to differ from this plan.

Feature Article:

I want a large image taking up the majority of the left sided page. The title for the article will cover the image partially and the introduction for the article will be positioned underneath the the huge image. On the other page, there will be the main article and several smaller images.

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