Monday, 12 March 2012

Filming Process

Tuesday 31st January - Filmed all bedroom scenes, but when looking at them on the computer, the lighting was all wrong.

Wendesday 15th February - Filmed all bedroom scenes for the second time. Had trouble with lighting as we wanted the scenes to be as if they were in the middle of the night. Satisfied with end result however (:

Sunday 26th February - Good filming session! Got all of the scenes that feature in the dream filmed! Very cold outside but was worth it in the end!

Monday 27th February - Due to film but to unexpected rain showers, filming had to be called off. :(

Thursday 1st March - Originally, we were meant to be filming after school only, but after cacelling Monday's session, we also filmed in the morning. All remaining outdoor shots were filmed including some extra filler shots and some inside shots were also filmed.

Sunday 11th March - After looking at all of the shots filmed on the computer and placing them in the order they are due to feature in the trailer some shots were missing. These were filmed today! Succesful and we think we are all done (:


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