Tuesday, 3 May 2011

EVALUATION - (How does your media product represent particular social groups?)

I deliberately chose to make my artist that features in my article appear to be somewhat a "regular" girl. Especially in the feature article, I chose to show that her rise to fame hasnt made her to confident. This would appeal to the lower and middle working class as they will be able to relate to her.

My model stereotypically represents the genre of rock. She is wearing heavy black makeup and in her pose she is screaming, which isn't very feminine. It is more aggresive, making her appear somewhat masculine. I think that rock magazines fit in with today's post-modern society that we live in. The need to be completely feminine has decreased allowing lee-way for some women to express themselves in a way they feel comfortable.

Although rock is dominated by men, women are pushing the barrier and they are appearing as solo artists and in bands much more.

My main audience for my magazine is obviously men, and by using a female on the front cover, they will find this attractive. However, the secondary audience for my magazine is women, who will look up to and aspire to be like the model.

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